Jam Session
Jam Sessions

Even though the month of May is the busiest month for me, out-scheduling December, I still manager to preserve strawberry jam!  I always give them to the teachers at the end of the year, they just eat em up. I've gotten a few request for my Balsamic Jam recipe so I created a printout of instructions along with printable labels to dress your jars.  Presentation is just as important.  Below you will find instructions and the printable labels.

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Each round label is 2.5x2.5.  Use a 2.5 circle punch to punch out each label.  
See instructional video just below for tutorial on how to create these cute Heart Shaped Keepsake Candy Boxes.
Homemade Vanilla Extract
This has to be my most requested tutorial and its really easy! 

Tahitian Vanilla Beans  (use 3 Madagascar beans per 5oz of liquor)

If you want to use the same label I used I have created a sheet of them in PDF format here.
Video Instructions