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Jar of Luck

Jar of Luck Diagram
I know I'm not the only adult who sifts through the box of Lucky Charms hunting those tasty dehydrated marshmallow rainbows!! I saw some really cute St. Patty's days gifts featuring Lucky Charms marshmallows. Lord knows I'm not about to fish out all those rainbows for 4 teachers gifts!  So I did what any smart girl would do and Google Lucky Charms marshmallows.  OH SWEET LORD.  Am I the only one who didn't know that you could actually buy them in bulk!?  **Disclaimer, they are not exactly the same, infact you don't even get the rainbows (sad face).  They are still tasty!  What I did was only snag a few rainbows from the Lucky Charms box and add them to the jar of other marshmallows along with a couple chocolate gold coins.  A Jar of Luck.  Great St. Patty's Day gifts for your favorite teacher, husband, kids. Above is a diagram of supplies I used to make these cute little gifts.  I know you don't have enough time to buy the bulk marshmallows from Amazon before St. Patty's Day but you can find other marshmallows at your local stores.  Go ahead and buy the bulk marshmallows anyway, you wont be disappointed.  They go great with popcorn and hot chocolate at the campsite.  

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